This is me…

I’m a married, mother of three, pop culture nerd, adventure seeker, positive thinker, Toledo proud, music & movie addict, coffee drinking portrait photographer.

I live in South Toledo with my tattoo artist/musician husband, Scott, our 3 awesome girls, 2 cats, & 1 dog.  I have dreams of one day living in a tiny house…but it’s a pipe dream because I’d never be able to downsize my vintage camera & mug collections (let alone all of our art supplies).  When I’m not busy photographing for clients, I’m taking pictures of my family.  I also shoot film as a hobby (those vintage cameras aren’t all around my living room for decoration).  I love going on adventures and taking the path less traveled.   I almost always have music playing and my favorite incense burning.  I’ve never met a person I couldn’t find a common ground with.

Some fun facts about me! 
I used to play roller derby.
I’ve been on Judge Judy as a defendant (and she liked me).
4 of my tattoos are food/drink related.
2 of my tattoos are photography related.
Chuck Taylors have been my favorite shoes since I was 4 years old.
I also live for platform Vans.
Instagram Stories is where I spend most of my time on the internet.
I’ve been licked in the face by wolves.
My 9th-grade career path plan A was to be an entrepreneur.
My 9th-grade career path plan B was to be a photographer.
There was no 9th-grade career path Plan C.
I think I’m funny.

I was a Toledo City Paper Best of Toledo 2017 Nominee in the Art Photographer category.